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Shalom Segula (Treasured Possssion)

This past week was an exciting time with the overturn of the Roe vs. Wade decision as a law of the land.This decision now puts it into the hands of each state. It was forty-nine years ago that it was enacted; seven sets of seven and it “just so happens” to be a Shemitah year…a year of release. There are no coincidences with our Creator…this is nothing short of a Yah-incident!!!

While we greatly celebrate this monumental judgment, we now move forward on a state level to continue to stand up for LIFE!!!

We at River of Life had a WONDERFUL Spirit-filled Shavuot (Feast of Weeks)!!!

There are not enough words to convey what YHVH’s feasts show forth when we’re willing to join Him in them. They speak about days of old, present and future.Only the true Elohim could accomplish all of that in a single act of obedience!! He longs for His people to awaken and join Him at His appointed times…daily, weekly, monthly and annually.

May the life we live demonstrate the heavenly truths of YHVH’s kingdom; for one day we will spend eternity celebrating with THE KING!!

Attached is the regular July Torah Calendar as well as the Read through the Bible in a Year calendar.

Tamuz ~ Av 5782

(July Torah Portions 2022)


(July Read Through The Bible In A Year Calendar Link 2022)


Praise His Name!!

We love you with our whole hearts!!

Shalom & Blessings,
Pastor Mark & Tammy McLendon