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Shalom Segula (Treasured Possession)


Is it possible that we’re about to start another feast cycle?

Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread are just days away.  We are making preparations both spiritually and naturally for these special appointed times.

As we went through the story of Purim we noticed an interesting fact.  Seven assistants were appointed to Esther/Hadassah by Hegai for her preparations to go into the king.

Could these seven assistants be a portent to the seven festivals that are used to assist us in our preparations for THE King?

There is also another interesting fact.  The Name Hegai has the same Hebrew root as Chag which is the word for feast.  It is undeniable that the feasts are used to bring us into a greater understanding of who our Father and Bridegroom are and what is pleasing to Him and His Son.

With this focus, we have a renewed joy and gratefulness that we were given such “assistants” to help us in our preparation time for the coming of the King.

This is a serious time of examining ourselves before we partake of the cups; it’s not always comfortable when we are shown areas that need to be changed, but it is definitely worth it if we allow Him to do His work.  As we surrender to His will and His working there will come the time that we realize that we have advanced forward in our pilgrimage on the ancient path.

We are excited to be on this journey with all of you.  To know that we are reading the Torah portions together, in addition to our other readings of Scripture, in a real sense of the word, connects us to each other and YHVH.

May we encourage and comfort one another so much more as we see the day approaching.  Stay the course!!

The March Torah Calendar is attached.  May we each encounter our Messiah in a real and meaningful way this Pesach/Passover.

May the Word of Yah ‘warm’ up our spiritual walk as we continue reading through the Torah portions together.

Adar ~ Nisan 5778

(March 2018)

Praise His Name!!

We love you with our whole hearts!!

Shalom & Blessings,
Pastor Mark & Tammy McLendon