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Shalom Segula (Treasured Possssion)

Our hearts rejoice at the very thought of you!!  We have now come through another celebration of the Fall Feasts and can truly say it was rich and full of wonderful worship and celebration of the One and true heavenly Father, YHVH, and our great Messiah, Yeshua who are worthy of all our praise!!

As we moved through the month of Elul and the Ten Days of Awe in preparation for the upcoming feasts, we at River of Life read Psalm 27 daily.  There were so many beautiful concepts that were seen during this time.  One of those that we didn’t get to share at the time we would like to do now as its encouragement is timeless.

On January 14, 2010 as I (Tammy) was reading my Bible I wrote beside Psalm 27:11 “My Prayer”.  The verse says, “Teach me Your way, O YHVH, and lead me in a level path because of my foes.”  This year the phrase level path really stood out to me.  So I started reading in other verses about this level path.  I didn’t have to go very far from this spot to read more about it.  In Psalm 26:12 it says, “My foot stands on a level place; In the congregations I shall bless YHVH.”

Deuteronomy 29:10-15 says,   10. “You stand today, all of you, before YHVH your Elohim: your chiefs, your tribes, your elders and your officers, even all the men of Israel, 11. your little ones, your wives, and the alien who is within your camps, from the one who chops your wood to the one who draws your water, 12. that you may enter into the covenant with YHVH your Elohim, and into His oath which YHVH your Elohim is making with you today, 13. in order that He may establish you today as His people and that He may be your Elohim, just as He spoke to you and as He swore to your fathers, to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. 14. “Now not with you alone am I making this covenant and this oath, 15. but both with those who stand here with us today in the presence of YHVH your Elohim and with those who are not with us here today…” 

Isaiah 40:3-4 says, “A voice is calling, “Clear the way for YHVH in the wilderness; make smooth in the desert a highway for our Elohim. 4. Let every valley be lifted up, and every mountain and hill be made low; and let the rough ground become a plain, and the rugged terrain a broad valley (straight).” Matthew 3:3, Mark 1:3, Luke 3:4-5 and John 1:23…all four gospels quote these same verses as well.

The Hebrew word for level, smooth and plain is the word Misor, Strong’s number 3474.  It means level place, uprightness.  When we are in covenant and learn to obey the ways of YHVH from His Word, we will find ourselves standing in a place of uprightness where the crooked way is made straight and the rocky road made smooth before our heavenly Father. This is what David was saying when he prayed this prayer.  It’s a great example for us to follow.

May our hearts be pliable in the hands of our Creator so that we can stand before Him with a clear conscience!!


Cheshvan ~ Kislev 5779

(November 2018)

Praise His Name!!

We love you with our whole hearts!!

Shalom & Blessings,
Pastor Mark & Tammy McLendon